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Since 1977, our law firm has worked hard on behalf of clients injured aboard ships of all sizes and classes. The members of our legal team at Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski share a lifelong love of the sea, including each of the attorneys.

If your injury or illness occurs while in the employment of a commercial vessel, you suddenly become a liability to the vessel owners. You are someone other crew members may ignore or avoid, leaving you isolated and confused. Your injury may be worse than you understand. Your right to recovery for damages may be greater thank you know. Without legal counsel, you probably will not have the information needed to evaluate your legal rights.While you are wondering what you need to do, the vessel owners are moving quickly to minimize your right to compensation for your injury.

The most effective legal assistance available for your maritime injury will come from our firm of experienced maritime lawyers in Seattle, Portland, Bellingham, San Francisco and Los Angeles. At Anderson Carey Williams &Neidzwski, we have been successfully representing those injured at sea and their families since 1977. For over forty years, we have handled all types of injuries in Seattle, Portland, and across the Pacific Northwest and California. Decades of experience and a team approach to case preparation and trial is the basis for our success. We have an experienced, compassionate and helpful staff of legal assistants to aid in the litigation and administration of your claim. You are always kept abreast of progress at every stage and given a realistic assessment of your legal options.

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